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Some work-hard, play-hard people I’ve met

The sort of people that I would characterize as being of the work-hard/play-hard type, are a rare breed. Many of us would have met the ‘work hard’ and/or the ‘play hard’ folks, but finding a workable combination of the two? Not at all common. In fact for most of us I suspect, we’d be lucky to encounter any more that a handful.

Did you ever get an inexplicable urge to google someone you’ve met in the past, but perhaps not kept contact with? Yes? Well it happened to me just the other day.

I moved to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney when I began my career way back in the 1980’s. As many do, I began by living in a variety of share houses. In the first of these share houses I bunked with two medical students. Their names were Greg and Rick and their lifestyle was a real opener to yours truly. In fact I ended up bailing out of that household after not too long, seeking a home environment that was a little more vanilla. And no, I don’t think I’ll elaborate 🙂

When I googled their names the other day, here are two of the articles I came across. As you’ll see, they both went on to enjoy considerable success. Sadly however I learnt that Greg passed away in 2021.

In memory of Greg Kesby (1 November 2021)

Always be learning: the key to Dr Richard Tarvin’s business success (12 July 2021)

In closing now, a wave to another work-hard/play-hard classic from my even further distant past – Paul Murphy who recently retired as a science teacher at Nowra High School.