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Thanks to California first-responders

Officer in Charge, California Highway Patrol – Redwood City

Dear Sir

I am writing to you about an automobile collision that occurred in your area on 23 December 2017, and which was attended by several oficers from your station (local report number 9330-2017-15942).

My wife, myself and our son were in one of the two vehicles that were involved. We were on our way to Big Sur where we had booked to stay overnight in a cabin as part of a what was to be a very special overseas holiday.

We parked briefly beside the highway to adjust clothing after we put the roof up on our rented convertible. That moment basically marked the end of our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ as only a few moments later a vehicle drove into the rear of our car at high speed.

I was rendered unconscious and have no memory of either the crash nor the next week and a half. That collision has been a major factor influencing our lives since then, and we have been kept busy with medical testing and treatment, insurance claims, as well as managing everyday life.   

My wife has told me that she was very impressed with the manner and conduct of the officers who attended the crash scene, particularly Officer Gavin Hursh, and we wanted to pass on our thanks. We would have sent this note earlier but thought it perhaps best not to do so whilst the court case was still underway.

The care and compassion shown to my family by your team, from the moment they first arrived on site, was very much appreciated. This included not just attention given at the crash site, but also transporting my wife and son and our belongings to the hospital, and subsequently providing information and support at the hospital which even included providing a small gift for my son on Christmas Day.

To have something like this happen to your family in a foreign country was very unfortunate and especially stressful for my wife and son. God forbid, but if something similar ever happens to any of you & your families then I hope your trauma will be eased through someone stepping in and helping the way things happened on this occasion. 

Finally, in closing and on a more general note, we offer our heartfelt thanks to you and all your team for your ongoing and valuable contribution to maintaining order and safety on the streets. Take care and be well.


Bruce & U-sa Bickerstaff
Queensland, Australia
26 July 2018