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Your Investment Guide to Thailand, Silkworm Books, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Original hard-copy edition January 2010, and revised version May 2011. E-book edition 1.11 was released in May 2012

Designer, editor and contributing author for 'Tourism Trends in New South Wales' (NSW Tourism Commission)

A Tourism Perspective on the Future of Australian Transport, ISBN 1875512 00 4, Tourism Task Force, 1990, Sydney (co-author)

A Joint Approach to Tourism - The Main Issues. Economic Planning Advisory Council, Discussion Paper 91/04. June 1991. AGPS. Canberra (co-author)

Industrial Relations and Award Restructuring in the Australian Tourism Industry, Tourism Information Paper No.2, 1991 (co-author)

Statistical Study of the Labour Competitiveness of Australian Four and Five Star Hotels. Tourism Task Force, 1992 (co-author)

Report on future directions for the Outdoor Tour Operators Association of New South Wales Inc. (Meet the People Pty Ltd)

Bickerstaff, B. A Review of Current Systems for Licensing Organised Group Activities in Protected Areas in Australia, A Report for Wildlife Australia and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1997.


Bickerstaff, B (editor and convenor) proceedings of a seminar on the management of open space by local government, Randwick Municipal Council, Sydney. 1983.

Bickerstaff, B. The real costs of data collection, in Parsonson, R.S.C. (ed), Leisure Demand Surveys: Uses and Abuses in Management. Centre for Leisure and Tourism Studies. Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education, 1987

Bickerstaff, B. A Local Government Viewpoint, in Ideas for Australian Recreation - Commentaries on the recreation participation surveys. Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism, and Territories, 1989. Canberra.

The Randwick Recreation Resource Inventory, in proceedings of URPIS 16 (1988 annual conference of the Australasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association)

Bickerstaff, B. Looking forward in Local Government - the art of turning one's head 180 degrees, in proceedings of Leisure, Technology and Lifestyle, The Menzies Foundation/Brisbane C.A.E. 1988. Reprinted in the national journal of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. (No.122)

Bickerstaff, B. "Introduction to the Internet", paper presented as part of a workshop on "Tourism & the Internet" at the 11th Annual Conference of Tourism Council Australia. Albury. October 1995. This paper subsequently formed the basis for:
International marketing - my private agony! The Internet - placebo or cure?, a paper presented by Bruce Bickerstaff at the Annual Conference of the Ecotourism Association of Australia. Alice Springs, Northern Territory. November 1995

We dreamt of a warm busy plaza and got a lonely billboard in cyberspace - What went wrong with our company web site?, a paper presented by Bruce Bickerstaff at a conference entitled "Marketing on the Internet and World Wide Web". Sydney. August 1996.

Bickerstaff, B. A Review of Current Systems for Licensing Organised Group Activities in Protected Areas in Australia, A Report for Wildlife Australia and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, 1997.
Papers in relation to this study were subsequently presented at the 1996 Annual Conference of the Outdoor Recreation Council of Australia (entitled Licensing: Issues and Directions for Land Managers), and the 1997 National Conference of the Ecotourism Association of Australia.
A related article by the author also appeared in the June 1997 newsletter of the Ecotourism Association of Australia


I prepared submissions in relation to the following Australian organizations or inquiries:


Plan of Management for the South Coogee Beach Recreation Reserves (Randwick Council)

Plan of Management for Latham Park (Randwick Council)

Special Events Management Policy - the management of community and special events in public areas and parks (Mosman Council)

Statement of Environmental Effect and rezoning application in relation to the adaptive re-use of a heritage property in Woollahra (joint authorship)

Plan of Management for Dual Use (Drainage/Recreation) Reserves for Strathfield Municipal Council (joint authorship)

Marketing Plan for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, wherein my role was to write separate reports in relation to:

  • the possible introduction of user charges
  • business development and commercialisation
  • managing development in parks
  • the possible introduction of a licensing system for tour operators
  • The formulation of the ACT Nature-based Tourism Strategy for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (my role was as a sub-consultant)

    Assisted in the formulation of the NSW State Tourism Development Strategy (as Secretary to the Working Group on Labour and Industrial Relations)


    Discussion paper on the role of Local Government in the provision of open space and recreational opportunities (Randwick Council)

    Discussion paper on the role of the Local Government recreation professional (Randwick Council)

    Discussion paper entitled Establishing the limits of Council control over the development of public recreation reserves in N.S.W (Randwick Council)

    An Introduction to the Recreation Resource Inventory - Stage One: The Open Space Inventory (Randwick Council)

    The preparation of detailed reports for Tourism NSW on issues including:

  • Sydney beach pollution
  • Economic impacts of tourism to NSW
  • Impacts of the airline pilots dispute
  • Public liability insurance


  • Time Out, a directory of local leisure resources (Randwick Council)

  • Series of brochures concerning local leisure opportunities (Randwick Council)

  • Information booklet for Meet the People Pty Ltd

  • Capability Statement for MTP Consultants

  • Mosman Walking Map brochure

  • Brochures for the Mosman Business Enterprise Centre

  • CONSULTANCY BRIEFS (aka. Requests for Proposal)

    Landscape plans for South Coogee Beach Reserves area (subsequently undertaken by Foresite Consultants)

    Landscape plans for Frenchmans and Yarra Bays, La Perouse(MSJ Keys Young)

    Glebe Gully Plan of Management (EBC Consultants)

    Randwick Recreation Needs Survey (McNair Anderson Assoc)

    A feasibility study in relation to a proposed indoor multi-purpose leisure center and pool for Mosman Council


    My experience in this area has included preparing or assisting in the preparation of lease and license agreements (ranging from 2-3 pages to over 100 pages); statements of evidence (including presenting a subsequent case in the NSW Land & Environment Court); establishing a company; registering a trademark; agreements in relation to buying, selling or subdividing real estate; both the creation and dissolution of a body corporate; applications and supporting statements in relation to applications for visas and permanent residency; applications to initiate or respond to various forms of legal action, etc


    Meet the People Pty Ltd (Historical note: This was the first web site created by an Australian tourism company - even Qantas didn't have their own web site back then)

    Budde Communications ( This was the very first version of this company's web site, and the project was undertaken whilst I was working with Linda Bergin Internet Education in the early 1990's.

    Mosman Council web site pilot/prototype (


    Your Investment Guide to Thailand, Silkworm Books, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Original hard-copy edition January 2010, and revised version May 2011. E-book edition 1.11 was released in May 2012

    Submission to an Australian federal government inquiry entitled 'Australia in the Asian Century' (February, 2012)

    Up until May 2014 I contributed a monthly article to MelbThai magazine, a number of which are listed below:
    'Thai economy in remarkably good shape'
    'Step carefully with Thai real estate'
    'Thai banks improve service to foreign customers'
    'Thais and e-communication....Dealing with unanswered emails'
    'Aged care in Thailand - Challenge & Opportunity'
    'Buying real estate in Thailand #1 - Buying in the name of your child'
    'When financial return isn't everything'
    'Thai managed funds rate highly in international survey' (Issue 26, April 2012)
    'Considering retirement in Thailand?' (Issue 27, May 2012)
    'Marriage to a Thai: Your rights under the law' (Issue 28, June 2012)
    'Working in Thailand' (Issue 29, July 2012)
    'On Thai food in Thailand' (Issue 30, August 2012)
    'Schools in Thailand' (Issue 31, September 2012)
    'Hellfire Pass Museum' (Issue 32, October 2012)
    'Australia's Honorary Consuls lend a helping hand' (Issue 33, November 2012)
    'What makes Thais tick?' (Issue 34, December 2012)
    'English language, Australian style' (Issue 35, January 2013)
    'Spectacular performance by Thai stock market' (Issue 36, February 2013)
    'Don't forget to make a Will' (Issue 37, March 2013)
    'Thais studying in Australia: A snapshot' (Issue 38, April 2013)
    'Will Thailand be ready for AEC 2015?' (Issue 39, May 2013)
    'As good as gold' (Issue 40, June 2013)
    'Moving money' (Issue 41, July 2013)
    'A Cat's Tale: Monte the Meow Farang' (Issue 42, August 2013)
    'Protecting Thai Senior Citizens from Poverty' (Issue 43, September 2013)
    'Farewell to Australian Consul' (Issue 44, October 2013)
    Please note that from Issue 45 onwards, articles are uploaded to the MelbThai Facebook page at
    'An interview with Wirat Tatsaringkansakul, Thai Board of Investment' (Issue 45, November 2013)
    'Financial Advisors: Friend or Foe?' (Issue 46, December 2013)
    'Australian Government reviews consular support' (Issue 48, February 2014)
    'Tourists behaving badly' (Issue 49, March 2014)
    'Another bad season for air pollution in Northern Thailand' (Issue 50, April 2014)

    Articles by me have also appeared in the journal of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, in Thailand Business News (example), (example),,, The Big Chilli magazine, and the newsletter of the Chiang Mai Expats Club.

    I submitted the winning entry in the Bangkok Post story competition (December 2013) - My entry is at

    Thailand-related papers written by me include:
    'Thais that bind: Thailand's sacred thread'
    'There are lots and lots of foreigners living in Thailand'
    'Calculating the scale of economic input by foreigners to Thailand: A first attempt'
    'Foreign investors in Thailand: A relationship self-check'
    'Thais and e-communication: The lights are on but no-one is home' (plus a brief case-study re: trying to obtain investment-related information about Laos)
    'A Foreign Job Applicant's Lament - The Recruitment Process in Thailand'
    'The Journey West: Australian partner visas for Thais and people from three other Asian countries'
    'Obesity in Thailand: Behold the perfect storm'
    'Evaluating the end-game for Thailand as it pulls itself from the claws of crisis'
    'Australian government further impinges on the rights of pensioners to travel or live overseas'

    I have also been a regular contributor to various online Thai-related forums, on a wide range of issues.


    Preparation of Ministerial correspondence, briefing notes, speeches, and media releases on tourism policy matters (Tourism NSW, Tourism Task Force and others)

    Preparation of consultancy proposals in relation to numerous briefs/Requests for Proposal (mainly in the field of tourism and land-use planning & management)

    Grant applications/requests for funding

    Mosman Map outdoor signs (Etched metal tourist information signs prepared for Mosman Council)

    Bickerstaff, B. Bringing Ecotourism in from the Cold. Unpublished entry in a travel essay competition run annually by the American Express organisation.

    Bickerstaff, B. Environmental Factors behind Eucalypt Dieback, in Geoview (A journal of the University of New England), Vol 4, No.2, Dec.1979. ISBN 0313 1785

    Bickerstaff, B. Local Leisure Opportunities - Too Long a Well Kept Secret, in Australian Parks and Recreation, Vol.24, no.3, 1988. Canberra

    Australian Federal Department of Communications and the Arts, Smarts journal, A Soft Spot for Tourism, Issue Two. May 1995

    How much for that web site in the window?, an article in the September 1996 newsletter of the Ecotourism Association of Australia

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